Hammerlock – Transcript

Learning your wedding dance at home

Wedding First Dance – The Hammerlock.

This move is called the hammerlock. You are going to turn and travel while dancing into the hammerlock. Again this is a turn so we are going to bring the hand up, not too high, that is not over the head but just above the eyebrows.

For the hammerlock, I’m going to lower the right hand then I’ll go around the lady’s head with my left hand all the way until we are shaping towards each other. Remember shaping is when our shoulders are pointing towards each other. Again, in a hammerlock, you travel forward and back and you turn.

The simplest way to bring your lady out of the hammerlock is to bring left hand up and turn her out.

That is the hammerlock. A nice and easy move that you will most probably use. Practice it and have fun with it.

(Important: remember not to hold each other’s hands tightly and make sure that your thumbs are not in contact with your partner’s hand. If either of you feel any pain or discomfort while dancing this move the hold is the first thing to check. There should be no pain on your Wedding Day!)


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