Posture, Frame and Hold – Transcript

This video is about posture, frame and holding your partner.

Starting with posture we identify four blocks, head, shoulders, rib cage and hips. These four blocks should be aligned such that your chin is leveled with the ground, ears on top of the shoulders, long neck, and shoulders down and relaxed, elbows away from your body. If you get all of this right, you should have a curve in your lower back.

The frame is from fingertips up the arm, across the shoulders to fingertips. Remember the frame is all about communication. The frames also has a second purpose which is starting. Keep your elbows away from you and your hands should always be above your elbows. Relax the shoulders, keep the elbows away and let your hands and your arms move.

The connection is how you are going to hold your partner. There are several connections. The first one is called the close hold. Leaders put your right hand on the follower’s shoulder blade and the follower puts her left arm on your arm with her hand on top of your shoulder. There is a full connection, no gaps. When I move, you see my partner is moving and all I got to do is move my upper body to get my partner moving.

A hook is a hand with four fingers together and the thumb away. Never touch your partner with the thumb. If we do use the thumb, it applies pressure onto the join and it can be painful. Put a finger into the hook so that I can turn the lady without hurting her. This is called the second hold. We’ve got two holds I started with the second one because this is what we are going to use the most and it is the most important one.

The first hold is palm to palm and closed hands. Keep the hand relaxed. This hold is a limiting because we can’t turn the lady. There is very little we can do with it. You can either choose to start with the second hold or else start with the first hold and move very quickly to the second hold.

The open hold is very similar. I simply release the shoulder blade and both hands are connected and both from the outside, it’s a mirror image. I’m going from the outside of the hand into the lady’s hook. We may hold one hand or two hands and we have also cross hold depending on the move and the pattern.

The main point to remember here is elbows away from your body, hands above the elbows ladies, and shoulders relaxed. Never use the thumb. You must use a very light lead. That’s all you need to know about posture, frame and holding your partner.

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