Private Lesson Scheduling

Hi there!

We need to find a day and time that suits us all!

Please send me a quick email anthony (at) to give me an idea of day(s) and time(s) that might suit you and we will take it from there. Please be sure to tell me which time zone you are using! I am based in Ireland UTC.

Here are some tips to prepare for the class:

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    Write all the questions you might have.
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    Let me know what song you chose. Will it be played by a band or a DJ?
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    If you can, film yourselves dancing at list a day before the class and upload the video to YouTube so that I can review it. You can set it to "Unlisted" when you upload it and then send me the link. That way no one will see it but us.  

Looking forward to it!

Anthony Auffret



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