Steps – Transcript

Dance Steps lesson – The transcript.

This is where we are going to start dancing. In a closed hold position to start I’m going to press the floor away from me. I’m going to start with my left foot and the lady is going to start with her right foot. I press the floor away from me.

Very important, I’m not going to carry my weight on the heel. All of my weight should be on the ball of my foot, on the forward part of the foot. Again, if you can walk, you can step. The important thing though is to keep on stepping. Keep nice relaxed shoulders, a good connection and a loose hold.

We can very easily go around, and we can travel, traveling means we are going to go forward and we are going to go back. Use the floor as much as possible. Go forward a little bit and back a little bit. Use the space, use the dance floor, don’t get stuck in the middle or even worse on the side of it. Learn to travel, keep pressing the floor away and you’re now dancing.

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