The Basket Dance Move – Transcript

Wedding First Dance – How to do the “Basket” move.

This move is calledance basketd the basket. With my left hand I’m going to come across the lady’s face and bring her into a turn but I’m not going to let go of her right hand. This is the basket. Simple!

Holding both hands but making sure that my hold is loose (finger touch) and making sure that I am not connecting with my thumbs, I bring the lady into a turn and keep hold of the right hand nice and low and this is the basket.

Once we are in the basket, there are many things we can do. We can turn, we can travel or we can swivel. Remember dancing is moving and you need to cover the entire floor!

A swivel is when I’m turning on the spot and Paula is turning on the spot and I’m leading this by putting it on the right hand. You have changed sides by simply turning on the spot.

The idea here when you’re in the basket is to travel, turn and swivel. Again, use the floor as much as you can.

To come out of the basket, the simplest way is to put the left hand up and turn the lady out.


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