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wedding dance swirls

You can do it!

Turns – How to lead and follow turns and spins.

Turning. To turn the lady, you can use left into right, right into right, left into right, left into left, and so on. You have many different holds even cross hold two hands. Remember is you do not use your thumb. Leaders, bring your hand just above the follower’s eyebrows, not above the head.

I’m going around the lady’s head, I keep my palm facing down with one finger pointing down to the ground. I don’t worry about losing connection. Now for the guys to turn, the palm of our hands is going to face the ceiling. Palm up and step under.

The next concept we are going to talk about is spotting. Spotting is when I turn the lady, she’s going to look at me until she can’t look at me comfortably anymore, she’s going to look away, find a spot to look at and then back at me again. It’s the exact same thing for man. There can be one, two or even three spots. This makes you look shaper. It makes you look like you know exactly what’s happening. If you are doing a lot of turning, spotting helps reduce dizziness. Light hand hold, around the head, not above the head and use spotting.

Next thing, it’s good to use the floor. Move forward and back. Swap positions. We don’t want to stay static. Turn the lady, walk onto the other side of her. This is swapping positions while doing a turn.

This is it, turning for the lady and the man. Spotting and turning while swapping positions.

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