Wedding Dance – Online Tutorial vs Private Classes

Two Questions We Often Get Asked:

#1- We can't dance, will the Wedding Dance Tutorial work for us?

#2- Would private lessons not be a better way to learn?

Great questions! Let's think about it for a minute...

Wedding Dance – Online Tutorial vs Private Classes


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#1- We can't dance, will Wedding Dance Tutorial work for us?

First off the "We can't dance" statement is not true any more! If you have watched the 3 videos and practised the lessons you CAN dance, you may still be a beginner but you ARE a dancer.

This being said the tutorial is entirely designed for "non-dancers". YOU are the people we want to help and you are not the first we have helped with our tutorial!

It's a Step-by-Step tutorial designed to be EASY TO FOLLOW.
It is also aims to deliver the most visual impact with the least effort.
We understand that right now your aim is not to become professional dancers but simply to learn enough to gain confidence and be able to impress your friends and family on the Big Day!

#2- Would classes or private lessons not be more efficient?

We teach regular classes and private lessons on a daily bases.

Regular classes (i.e. attending a weekly or bi-weekly class) require a HUGE amount of time and commitment. We are talking YEARS rather than months as these type of classes are not catering specifically to couples getting ready for their First Dance but rather to people wanting to learn how to dance.

Private lessons are a great way to learn but at a big price:

On average we teach 10 lessons per couples to get them ready for their Wedding Dance.
To put this into context, the tutorial costs LESS THAN 2 PRIVATE LESSONS (and that's not even taking studio rental into account).

For each private lesson we need to agree on a day and time, given that we all have busy lives now a-days, it's not easy!

You will also probably need to commute.

A lot of the private lesson will be taken up by practice time rather than pure teaching time. Your teacher will teach you something and then ask you to execute and practice in front of him/her. This is because there is no "pause" or " rewind" button.

When we meet private clients first they often ask us to give them an estimation of cost upfront but it's impossible to say. Some couples will need 6 or 7 lessons and others will need 20 or more.
We sometime find that couples try to skimp on lessons before they are ready, or even give up due to the cost. It's a shame! The reality is getting married is not cheap!

So how do we replace the "live teacher"?

Well the instruction per se will be exactly the same, except that with the tutorial you can rewind, pause and fast-forward.

The big difference is when it comes to feedback. The "live teacher" will look at you dancing and then tell you what your are doing wrong and correct it and we can't really replace that.

We can substitute though using a camera (or smart phone). Mirrors have always been associated with dance studios but cameras are now common place in most of them.

We advise that you film yourselves once you have learned a pattern. A camera is a FANTASTIC teacher, very honest if a little unforgiving
A teacher can tell you what you are doing wrong 100 times and he/she might still not get through to you, but look at yourselves once on video and you will get it!


Get 7 FREE Dance Lessons. No credit card required. Just enter your email address and enjoy your first lesson now!

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