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stylish and simple dance move for wedding

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Getting married but you can't dance?

  • Are you planning your wedding, with most of the details already set in stone? 
  • Is the white dress hanging in the closest, the suit tailored and the cake ordered?
  • Is everything ready except your First Dance?

It won't be long now before you hear these words:

"And now ladies and gentlemen a big hand please as we welcome our Bride and Groom onto the dance floor for their first dance together as husband and wife!"

Then all eyes will be on you as you slowly walk together on that dance floor.

What happens next will depend on the decision you make today.

It can either feel like a very long and embarrassing time where the whole magic of the day seems to fall apart and there is nothing you can do about it OR it can be a magical moment that you will cherish for the rest of your days.

Elegance is expected at all weddings, from the decorations to the walk down the aisle to the touching vows to the cutting of the cake and beyond. So, the last thing you want is to trip and stumble through your first dance together. Even if you try to play it off as comical, the underlining worry that something beautiful has been tarnished is unavoidable. Whether it is the bride, the groom, or both of you that struggle with dancing, you will have to do it and all of your guests will be watching

“We didn't prepare our First Dance, we were too busy...I started worrying about it a couple of weeks before the Wedding but I thought it was too late to do anything about it then. On the day I was dreading it and by the time we stepped on the dance floor I was a nervous wreck! We barely shuffled our way through it. Never again!!”

We’ve seen our fair share of cringe worthy first dances and wouldn’t wish it on our worst enemy. It doesn’t only seem to cheapen what came before it; it becomes comedic when it was meant to be romantic. It would be a shame for your wedding day to fall apart at the very end.

Many times the bride has dreamt of this day since she was just a little girl. And we guarantee that stumbling through her first dance never once made an appearance in her dream; it may have made an unwelcome appearance in a nightmare though. The last thing we want to see happen is your dream wedding turn into a nightmare.

If you can't yet dance, there is still time to learn!

After all, even being witness to one train wreck is one too many. We decided to combine our extensive knowledge in dance to put together an easy to follow step by step tutorial for both bride and groom alike. You may be cautiously optimistic about this opportunity.


Wedding Dance Online Tutorial

What is it?

  • An easy to follow step-by-step dance tutorial to turn your BIG day into something amazing!
  • No dance experience required.
  • This comprehensive course (25+ lessons and 1.5 yours of videos) will take your dancing skills to a whole new level!
  • Ready to WOW your guests?

    “This Amazing Dance Tutorial Is Not Just For Your BIG Day, It’s Going To BOOST Your Relationship!”

    Think of your relationship as a tree seed. When you meet and slowly start to get to know each other, the seed in the ground begins to grow small roots, giving enough foundational support for something to sprout up at the surface. This is where a serious relationship really begins. And yet happily ever after logic tells you that the very act of saying “I do” will give you a fully grown tree.

    Relationship grows and deepens over the years, as trust is cultivated and love is cherished. You need some fun in your life; you need some awesomeness in your relationship and this video course is designed to take your relationship to a next level. 

    This tutorial will create that perfect ambience for you…

    country wedding and simple dance routine

     Susan and Billy 

    "We feel very proud of what we achieved...

    It was a lovely project to take on together as a couple soon to be husband and wife. We feel very proud of what we achieved together by following this tutorial. Neither of us could dance when we started and we ended up with a fantastic choreography!"

    Learn to Dance

    This tutorial is extremely efficient, even you have never danced before and convinced yourself that you have 2 left feet!

    Save Money

    With the Wedding Dance Tutorial you will save a lot of money.

    A wedding is expensive, our tutorial will save $100s in private dance classes 

    Save Time

    Learn at home at your own leisure! No scheduling, commuting, waiting...

    This will save you precious time!

    Try it Today, with our 7-day FREE Trial there is No Risk! If it's not for you all, you have to do is click the "Unsubscribe" button!

    What is in this Wonderful Tutorial:

    The Basics 

    In this first module, we will show you how to shake your legs with your "someone special" with ease!

    • Easy to Follow Dance Moves
    • Leading and Following.
    • Posture and Frame.
    • Traveling and Turning.
    • And Much More...
    simple dance lesson
    easy wedding dance choreography

    Your Moves!

    In this module, you are going to master some impressive moves and patterns to add a WOW factor your wedding day.

    • Many great options to choose from.
    • Dozens of moves to bring a special charm to your Wedding Day!

    Your Choreography

    Now, finally it's time to arrange your moves to create something eye catching on your wedding day. We will give you all the basics of creating attention grabbing choreography to have a full blast of fun!

    It will be special!

    example of a choreography
    stylish and simple dance move for wedding


    The Styling module includes all the finishing touches that will turn a simple dance into magic.

    You will learn all the tips and tricks to style your choreography in order to look confident, stylish and elegant on the dance floor.

    What You’ll Get...

    • Full and Immediate Access to our Complete Wedding Dance Tutorial
    • Access to Your Teacher via comments/questions box.
    • 25+ Step-by-Step Dance Lessons from A to Z
    • 24 Videos 
    • 30 Days No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee 
    had fun on the dance floor

     Sandra and Matt 

    "Now we can dance!

    We have already wasted so much money on private dance classes and honestly, I was a little skeptical before grabbing this online course. After getting the free trial, we were just amazed and we had to purchase the full course right away. I have just one word to say “WOW”! This tutorial is totally amazing. Fun and easy to learn moves have made our life much easier. The choreography and styling section is outstandingly explained thanks to great instructors and we’re ready to rock the dance floor.

    first step as husband and wife

    Steph and Brian 

    "They were not expecting this!

    We had such fun, thanks so much! Our guests were gobsmacked, they were not expecting this! Our surprise wedding dance was definitely the highlight of our evening reception. Thanks also for your feedback Anthony. We will recommend your services to all our friends."


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    love forever after a few simple moves

     Jane and Tyler 

    "The Perfect Solution....

    We tried private dance lessons for a while but it wasn't working out for us. With my busy schedule, my husband's busy schedule, the instructor's schedule and  the dance studio availability we felt that the organisation of the lessons was just more stressful than helpful. It's actually Gary that suggested your tutorial and it was the perfect solution! We did it in our own time and with no commute either!

    just married and loved the choreography!

    Amanda and Ken

    "Great Value....

    Dan and I are very thankful for your online tutorial! It is fantastic. Everything we needed for our First Dance was there and at a great price if you compare to private lessons in a studio.

    Great tutorial and great value for money! I will recommend it.


    You are STRONG. You are WORTHY. You are BEAUTIFUL. You are IMPERFECT. You are YOU. Don’t let anyone ever dull your sparkle, because you are worth it! You can always surprise and inspire us with your abilities. Only do what your heart tells, not what others tell you.

    Do not be afraid of expressing yourself with true love, because it is all about YOU! This tutorial is only for you!

    Start Danc​​​​ing Today!

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    Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

    We have 2 x 2 left feet, is this for us?

    Is it suitable for any song?

    Will everyone have the same choreography?

    How much time will we need?



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