5 Golden Tips to Convey Yourself Better at First Dances


5 Golden Tips to Convey Yourself Better at First Dances

There is a reason why dancing is considered a form of art. Without uttering a single word, you express yourself by using moves that say a lot about your personality. It’s a conversation without words performed through your body’s movements.

Wedding dances too are a communication in which two hearts learn to beat together and give themselves in to their partner’s arms. What makes a first dance so special is that they symbolize the love between newlyweds as they become man and woman. With moves, many promises are made in the eyes, and that is what makes it even more beautiful. But like any other form of communication, there is always one which is better than the other. By being the initiator or the carrier, the one that leads the communication forward and prevents it to from halting at an awkward pause, this individual has a lot on his/her hands but can only make the best conversation if the other person too is willingly interested in it. They may be hard to talk to, occasionally slur, or completely avoid expressing themselves. Same is the case with dances. One person needs to stand out, take the lead, and move the dance forward. But it can only be achieved if there is a trustworthy willingness from the other person; meaning, they need to overcome their hesitation, their shyness, and learn to express themselves through dance.


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In this blog post, we will look at some helpful tips for both the leader and follower in a dance routine as they both need to be at their best to make their first dance successful. However, it may involve taking some dance lessons or online tutorials to ensure both the partners look well-prepped and ready to hit off.

Start With a Proper Accent


You need to be able to listen to and follow what your partner has to say to you in a language that they understand. Clarity is the key to any good dance routine. Your moves, your conversation, your posture and steps; everything needs to move in a flow and should be in sync. What does clarity mean in dance? It means clear movements, complete weight changes, responsive follows, and strong leads. It also means committing to a strict pattern and staying true to it. Your partner needs to be on the same page as you in order to avoid morphing into new patterns without clear warning.

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Become a Good Listener

Allow some room for communication from your partner too. Don’t try to impose a strict routine and expect them to perform everything to perfection. It may be their first ever dance and some nervousness can be expected. Let them express themselves instead of forcing them to follow a strict routine. You need to understand that sometimes, others too have something important to say. Who knows; you might learn something new too!

Even if You are Wrong, Don’t Let it Show:

There is a possibility that some steps will be completely missed, forgotten, or performed awkwardly as you start your dance routine. Instead of making it more awkward by stopping midway during your dance, continue with it and don’t lose your confidence. So what if you got one move wrong!

Conceal Each Other’s Gaffe:

You need to correct their posture at multiple times and need to cover up their faux pas. Slip-ups are inevitable, but a savvy dancer can make things smoother. Moreover, as the leader, it is your job to conceal your partner’s unintended variations as this dance is about them too, not just you alone.

Don’t Make the Dance All about You:

You need to be receptive and sensitive to your partner’s suggestions and feelings. If you are the initiator, you need to play the role of the teacher. What does a teacher’s role involve? It involves helping your partner overcome the mistakes in a way that they don’t feel offended. Know what your partner feels comfortable doing and if they are not a big fan of twists and turns and learn better with spins and dips, go with it. It is you job to harness those traits and make them work for you. Recognizing your partner’s needs means that you want this dance to mean something rather than just an act of how brilliant a dancer you are! Remember; it about teaming up rather than showing off.


Get 7 FREE Dance Lessons. No credit card required. Just enter your email address and enjoy your first lesson now!

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