Wedding Dance Routines That Will Inspire Others

Inspiring wedding dance

The first dance at your wedding is a personal moment, one that is observed thoroughly and is encapsulated in hundreds of photographs. Most people often forget that the first dance is all about “them” and what will look good on the camera rather than pleasing other people. The minute you stop thinking about this enigma, that same moment you will feel the freedom surging in your blood, rushing through your veins, empowering you to do what you think is perfect for you and not what will make a viral video.


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Most people are born with the confidence of parading in front of dozens of guests. Taking each other into their arms might not seem like a nerve-wracking moment. However, if you are not big on crowds and you have performance issues, you should work on giving the performance of your life as a couple and with the confidence that will wow even you. Confidence is key to a great first dance and that will wow everyone present. Most clients ask us the key to looking confident and feeling happy. Their legs are shaking, their knees are knocking and it’s the first day of school all over again for them. SO WHAT TO DO?

Hmm, well!

We suggest exploring your personality and celebrating your quirks. Might seem like an easy thing to do, doesn’t it?


Finding yourself is not easy. Finding what you like and who you are is difficult still. People have written biographies, novels and poems about it. It is the number-one topic that precedes all others in philosophical circles. Finding what kind of wedding dance routine you want at your wedding is a decision that you must take after both of you agree on dance routine. It’s great that you think a tango would look cool but have you asked your bride who is insisting on wearing a ball gown. It would probably be difficult for her to do all the steps that are necessary for a wedding tango.

Discuss, talk, lay out all your options and decide what both of you would be comfortable with.

All out of options?

Here are some of our most favorite ones. We hope that they help you narrow down your choices and turn your wedding reception into a magical and happy event.

Re-Create Some Movie Magic

The big screen is a perfect inspiration for couples who have a difficult time being creative on their own. When you have a multi-million dollar movie to help you out, what is the need to come up with your own ideas anyway? Recreating the movie magic and some of the most iconic scenes (Dirty Dancing, anyone?) is not such a bad idea. The best thing about it is that you will already be familiar with most of the dance steps and you can take advantage of online tutorials for wedding dances to polish your skills. Being familiar with it will make the learning process easier and more fun. Plus, your guests will be overjoyed the moment they identify the song and the excitement level is guaranteed to hit the roof.

Timeless Classics

Princess Diana waltzing with John Travolta or the Beauty and the Beast waltz are some of the most iconic, timeless and classic dance moments in history, ones which are imprinted on the hearts and minds of many people. Create your own unique first dance by choosing a classic dance move, like an elegant and sophisticated waltz, ballroom dance or any other modern move, to sweep your guests off their feet.

Prop Your Way In

Using props doesn’t just work for capturing amazing and fantastic photographs. They will also add a lot of personality and oomph factor to your first dance. Choreographers usually use this technique to make something personalized. Even if you want a classic and timeless dance routine such as a rumba, waltz or a foxtrot, you can still use hats, masks and other musical instruments to make it stand out.


Get 7 FREE Dance Lessons. No credit card required. Just enter your email address and enjoy your first lesson now!

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