Should You Spend on Wedding Dance Lessons?

Should You Spend on Wedding Dance Lessons?

When you are planning your wedding, the most important thing that you need to think about is budgeting. You don’t want to run out of money and then remember that you have forgotten an important part of the wedding preparations. If you are not good with finances, entrust your fiancé with the task of adhering to the budget and if both of you are not good at that, then god help you.

Just kidding!

The best thing that you can do is write everything down and plan beforehand. Estimate how much everything is going to cost; call vendors to take an estimate and prepare a financial overlay of your wedding. If you are going over budget, carve out things that you don’t really need. Consult married couples or browse the internet when preparing for a wedding. If you are DIY-ing the whole thing, then print out a checklist from any of the wedding-related websites and ensure that you are not missing something essential, like the guest book and wedding favors.


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When it comes to budgeting, most couples think about the dress, venue, rings, food and flowers. What they miss out on is the wedding dance. You must have come across hilarious videos of couples and their ill-fated attempts at dancing in which unfortunate things happen. Although you might find that funny at first but after some time, you will start to feel sorry for the poor souls who thought it beneath them to take dance lessons and tried to wing it on their wedding day. Now, they have the painful memories engraved on their brains for the rest of their lives and videos circulating on social media that they can never get rid of.

Why Are Dance Lessons Important?

This is why dance lessons are important. Not only do they teach you how to move, but they also give you the confidence to play out an important part of wedding; the first dance. If you are afraid that you are going to slip, hit your head on a table or have a concussion to enjoy the rest of the festivities, indulge in dance lessons and carve out a small piece from your budget to pay for classes.

I Don’t Have the Time or Money to Go To Dance Classes

If your budget or schedule don’t allow you to go to a dance studio after work or pay a huge monthly fee to a dance instructor, indulge in wedding tutorials that are offered online at amazing prices. When compared to dance instructors in the city, they are a wonderful steal and can help you learn to dance.

Should I Dedicate a Part of a Budget For Dance Lessons?

Not learning to dance at your wedding is similar to picking up a boxed cake from a supermarket for your wedding. It’s horrendous and everyone will take notice of that. If you ask yourself why you should budget for a wedding dance lesson to learn how to dance properly, then the answer is an absolute yes!

Think about it this way; you fail to follow the dance steps and trip, fall or mess up the wedding video. All of these situations are horrifying to imagine. What if that really happened? Would you rather cut out a budget for wedding dance or be embarrassed because you left it to chance like a high school test.

It Will Be the Best Part of Your Wedding Planning

The most wonderful thing about taking dance lessons is that it is probably the only thing in your wedding preparation which will add a fun element to your life and reduce stress. Listening and moving to the sounds of music will bring you closer to your significant other. Dancing will create a timeless memory. The flowers that you spend a fortune on will wither away and the leftover cake will rot away somewhere but the dancing and the priceless memory attached to it will remain with you forever.


Get 7 FREE Dance Lessons. No credit card required. Just enter your email address and enjoy your first lesson now!

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