Cursed With Two Left Feet? These 10 Tips Will Help You Overcome Your Fears

Cursed With Two Left Feet? These 10 Tips Will Help You Overcome Your Fears


As a bride or groom who is cursed with two left feet, the moment the DJ calls your name to get on the dance floor, your legs start shaking and your palms sweat like crazy. You are standing under the spotlight and all eyes are on you. You see some expectant faces who are trying to cheer you up and some who are snickering, daring you to fail.

Is this what your nightmare looks like?

When your family and friends are crowded around the dance floor, you have to give it your best shot and not give in to your fears if you want to create a magical moment, one that will be remembered and cherished not just by you, but by the people who are close to your heart.

Her are 10 tips that are guaranteed to help you overcome your fears and anxiety of your first dance at the wedding:

You Don’t Need Prior Experience

In contrast to what others might want you to believe, you don’t really need “Dancing With The Stars” kind of experience for your first dance. The popularity of competition shows has changed the perception so much that normal people are expected to give a perfectly choreographed performance at their wedding like it’s a dance show. Where is the romance in that?!


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Stop thinking like that. All you need is the desire to have fun. Enjoy, follow the dance steps that you learnt from your online tutorials and smile.

Let the Fun Begin

The first dance is the perfect opportunity to set the whole mood for the dance. Be energetic and don’t treat it as a duty but rather as something you enjoy. Your enjoyment will be so infectious that your guests will be beckoned right to the dance floor.

Practice, Practice, Practice….

Even professional dancers need practice to pull off a performance. For mere mortals, practice is the life-source of the first dance routine. Don’t think that you can just wing it because let’s face it, you can’t. 

Bond with Your Partner

The first dance will go smoothly if you are comfortable with your partner. They might have a better constitution or balance than you or they might be cursed with two left feet as well. Whatever the situation is, rehearse with them and reconnect with them as a couple to make your first dance go smoother.

Save Your Sole

Rehearse in your shoes and ideally on a marbled or tiled floor to ensure that you don’t slip on the dance floor at your wedding.

Keep It Real (And Simple Too)

A wedding day is nerve-wracking on its own. There is no need to make it more complicated by choosing a long, complicated dance routine. Don’t be that couple at a wedding who wants their guests to sit through a half-hour wedding routine. Keep it short, simple and sweet.

Dress Malfunction…. A Definite No-No

You should always put on your dress in one of the rehearsals for one crucial reason; to avoid any dress-related mishaps. This way, when you are dancing, you won’t have to worry about your corset showing, your sweetheart-neckline slipping or your long heels getting struck in your tulle skirt.

Forget What’s Wrong 

Missed a step? Stepped on your groom’s shoe? Stumbled a little? 


No one cares. No one except you knows what your dance routine is and what steps it constitutes. Even if anything out of the ordinary happens, keep your chin up and let the magic happen. Don’t make it obvious by seeming guilty.

A Song worth a Lifetime

Do you have a song that matters to you? Every couple has one. The first time you saw each other at a party or the song that played in the background during your first car ride or the song that you both love to bits. Choose THAT song. Believe us; it will make your first dance all the more magical.

Be a Stickler for Originality


One of the most crucial things to finalize with your DJ is to provide them with the same version of the song that you practiced to. You might think that it is not that important but a slower or faster beat will completely ruin your dance routine or steps that you so meticulously memorized. What was the point in practicing so much when you are going to be presented with an impossible situation in which you won’t know what to do? Get your DJ on board with which version of the song you want for your first dance and ensure that it is the same one as the one that you practiced to in your rehearsals.

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