DIY Wedding Dance Moves for a Perfect First Dance


Think that the wedding dance won’t be that big a deal because you took ballet when you were like four years old? Think again. 

Wedding dance is a huge part of your reception, one that everyone is looking forward to. You must have realized the importance of the first dance in weddings you’ve been to when everyone reaches for their bags and pockets for the cameras and phones, focusing every lens on the newly married couple, ready to encapsulate a memorable moment that will remain in existence forever. 

Taking ballet classes or swaying on your prom is quite different from your first dance. Can you remember the last time you danced formally with your fiancé? Do you remember the awkward high school prom dance? No need to panic just yet though; all you have to do is take a few dance classes from a professional wedding dance instructor and you are all set. 

However, not everyone has the time and inclination to go to a dance studio to learn the moves. The solution is evident. Take DIY online classes and become the boss of the dance moves that are essential for carrying out an impressive dance routine on the rhythm of the song that you love. 

Here are some DIY steps to ensure you are successful in reproducing a good first dance routine for your wedding, christening the dance floor in a spectacular fashion.

Choose a Song That You Can Dance To

Some couples make the mistake of choosing a romantic song that is so slow that there is really no rhythm to it. 

Romantic lyrics are great, but the music should be energetic enough to put a spring in your step. The sing should be “danceable”, and if your special song consists of a husky voiced singer crooning in his low intensity voice, choose something more appropriate. 

Choose something that is neither fast nor slow. Don’t extend the dance for more than 6-8 minutes. Stop before people start getting bored. Ensure that your DJ is on board with your song-queuing strategy for when you enter, when you start dancing, and after you finish. Ensure that the DJ has the same version of your song that you have practiced to. A different composition or remix can ruin the whole

Decide on the Correct Dancing Position

The right dancing position allows your dance to look more regal and polished. However, you must decide that which dance roles you and your partner are going to follow. Either you can choose to be a leader by placing your right hand on your partners or cupping their shoulder blade, or you can choose to be a follower by wrapping your left arm around your loved one’s lifted arm.

Learn the Box Steps

This type of dance step is one of the most versatile and it can be customized to any song imaginable.

Work On Your Entrance

As mentioned above, you should make an entrance that will leave tongues wagging. We are not kidding about how important the entrance is. It is a significant prelude to your wedding dance, and if you start your dance confidently, you will set a positively charming and self-assured theme for the rest of the evening.

Spin and Sway

These are the basic things that you will learn while practicing for your wedding dance. Swaying is much easier than spinning the bride. The reason for that is coordination. If you and your partner are not well coordinated, it can be disastrous. However, if the leader chooses to keep his/her dominant arm well above the follower’s head, it can be executed with perfection.

End With a Dramatic Dip

Everyone loves and cheers for a dip, so why not give the crowd what they want? It is a great way to end your dance and a wonderful opportunity for a great photograph.

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