How to Create a Wedding Playlist That Everyone Will Love


When you don’t want to spend money on a DJ and are more comfortable with creating your own playlist, it is often a monumental task to create a string of beats that will beckon everyone to the dance floor and keep it packed until the end. A thin crowd on the dance floor is a nightmare, one which every bride and groom wants to avoid. So how can you make sure that you can make a playlist that will not only complement your wedding dance, the father/daughter dance or the go-crazy dance routine with your BFFs? If you are creative and adventurous, you will greatly enjoy the challenge that putting together a playlist will entail. If you want to make your reception the party of your life or to create magic during your first dance as a couple, the right kind of music is essential. 

Here is how you can create a playlist that will create a powerful impact on your guests and create musical moments in your weddings that will remain imprinted in everyone’s mind.

Explore the Bliss of Great Music

The best thing to do is customization and personalization. It is your wedding and personalizing the table setting, wedding favor, wedding theme and the dance routine for your wedding dance is not enough. Music offers people a glimpse into your personality, even if they don’t know you closely. Music defines who you are as a person, what you enjoy and what you represent. If you have already decided on a theme, this will help you move forward. 

Explore the hits from the 80’s and the big band hits from the dawn of the 21st century. It is smart to explore pre-made playlists on the internet and get your inspiration from them. However, don’t be lazy and just copy paste it into your iPod and call it a day. Enjoy the bliss of handpicking soundtracks that will go wonderfully with your music. Although it might take you hours to choose all the right songs, music is food for the soul and can soothe your frayed nerves which can result from hectic wedding planning.

The Right Way to Queue Your Tracks

three-smiling-women-dancing-in-the-club.jpgTurning into a DJ overnight or a music maven is impossible. So, you can do what anyone would; determine the correct order for the songs. As you are compiling the playlist yourself, it will be easy to determine the energy behind every song. Thus the first few songs are really important. 

The first song, or the introduction song, will mark your entrance into the reception area and this will also be the tune for your first wedding dance ever! Choose a song that really speaks to you on a personal level and not just because it was a great hit in its time. Choose an emotional soundtrack that will leave no eye tearless. The father/daughter dance or the mother/groom dance follows that. These are the songs that must be chosen with care. After that, you can choose the track queue based on how you want to regulate the energy in the crowd.

The Theme of the Wedding

If you are opting for a sophisticated evening affair, choosing Rascal Flats might be a no-no. The songs on your wedding playlist will depend on whether your reception is an evening affair, a rowdy dance party or a morning brunch.

Who Are You Inviting

If your wedding is filled with young energetic people or if you have chosen to go with a destination-wedding theme, choosing dance or rock songs will pay dividend. If your wedding guest list is not the dancing type, it will only look awkward if old people are giving each other weird stares. Consult with your fiancé to help include them in the process. Your wedding should reflect who you two are and always run the final list through them, even if they don’t have time to sit through the whole process of compiling it.

Ask Your Guests

You might have seen a DJ take requests from the guests. Couples can ask their closest friends and families what their favorite song are or the tune that should be played at a wedding. Guests can tell you what they would like to hear at your wedding. You can even include a “Song Request” clause at the RSVP card to help them feel included in your wedding personally and to generate a good track pool for yourself. Smart, no?

Mix It Up

Never stick with just one genre. You might think that your barn wedding should have a Frank Sinatra playlist or a country playlist but not everyone will agree with you. You want your guests to have fun and not fall asleep on the table. Mix up the genres to give everyone what they love. Moreover, choose slow and fast songs to cater to people from each age group and taste.

Host a Playlist Making Party

It can be a bachelorette party or just a luncheon which you can host to help your closest friends with this gigantic task. They can help you choose the songs that they think will suit your wedding, your guest list or your personality. Sip some champagne, listen to amazing songs, choose the best ones and have an amazing time bonding with your bridesmaids.

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