Is There A Difference Between A Wedding Dance And A Ballroom Dance?


The love of your life is looking into your eyes and for him/her, you are the only person in the room. The guests are watching each and every move during your first dance at the wedding. The flashes of the camera are making your heart beat faster and the tingles on your skin are turning into goose bumps. But when you look into his/her eyes and feel a sudden surge of happiness that they are yours for life, you forget that there is anyone else in the room. 

What is more important than dancing at your wedding in front of everyone at a tune that you adore with the love of your life? Everyone who is gracing you with their presence at the wedding will expect perfection and even if you have two left feet, a wedding dance instructor can make them go away. Many couples feel the need to have professional choreography to ensure that the first dance is as magical as they have always dreamed it to be. 

When you are booking the venue or choosing the wedding dress months before the wedding, this is the perfect time to start thinking about taking dance classes because if you want to make an impression or have a first dance that will conform to those expectations, this is the perfect solution. If you think that you can get away with your couple dance routine from your prom, think again! A wedding is a special event; the most important and surreal one which you will remember for the rest of your life and everyone else will too. 

If you are mortified with the funny and awkward videos that you have probably watched on social media and other websites in which the first dance goes terribly wrong, then fear not and join a dance class to shake your fears away. Many couples have a certain theme to their wedding. It might involve a courtroom wedding and a small intimate reception or it may be a church wedding with a luxurious hotel reception having a grand marble dance floor and hanging chandeliers. 

A reception, theme of your wedding and your preference will decide which kind of dance routine you really want to go for on your wedding. The best advice that our experts give couples is to choose a type of dance that they will be comfortable with. If you are trying to make others happy while being uncomfortable, trust us, it will show. A wedding is all about you and don’t let anything ruin it for you. 

The most common question that couples ask is the difference between a ballroom dance and a wedding dance. Some of them even think that they are one and the same. Let us clear this confusion. If we want to break it down, a dance is based on shifting your weight from one foot to another, dancing unanimously with the beat and to unify your steps so that they are in sync. Every couple wants to seem organized, confident and comfortable on the dance floor without going out of formation even once.

A ballroom dance is a series of styles that is also described as partner dancing and at weddings, this is what you want. Therefore, in a way, a wedding dance is somewhat similar to a ballroom dance. However, a ballroom dance has little space for personalization and if you have a quirky and creative personality, you might find it hard to conform to the rigid style of ballroom dancing at your wedding. However, most couples think that it is a good idea to start with a ballroom style dance and then slowly transition into a simple one in which the groom has the freedom to dip his bride and to do any number of flips and turns that they want. 

You might have watched Disney movies and imagine what a ballroom dance is supposed to look like. The first thing that a couple must decide is the song as it will decide the theme or formation of the dance. The choreography depends on your choice of song. After that, your instructor will sample a few dance moves on you and your partner to get a feel of your dancing styles after which you will be taught to move in unison.

In a ballroom dance, you will require a dramatic entrance with spotlights and a DJ that understands your needs. Next, you will enter the room and place yourself at the center of the dance floor. During wedding dance lessons, your instructor will teach you to work your way up to the end in perfect formation. When you enter the room, you will have an entire road map of your dance routine running through your head which will end on the final dip or another ending of your choice. However, you will need a lot of practice. 

The trick to making it look effortless is to practice and to behave like it’s no big deal. Breathe, relax, enjoy and try to carry on a conversation during the dance (if you are not too emotional). If you are too tense or not even breathing due to stress, everyone will notice. Remember, a wedding dance is supposed to be memorable, fun, exciting and full of love. Don’t turn it into a competition and don’t overdo it.

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